Translating customer data into marketing ROI for Netshoes

Netshoes is the largest Brazilian online store for sporting goods. With more than 24 million unique visitors each month, Netshoes operates in Brazil, Argentina and Mexico.


A significant number of the visitors drop out of the website without making a purchase. Netshoes wanted to retarget these visitors with ads in order to increase conversions and eventually their marketshare. They wanted a solution which can be integrated with their marketing program and would decrease the cost of acquisition.


Real time data collection performed by Vizury WebConvert created price based segments to facilitate sale of high-ticket items and identified impulse categories to support click-and-buy behavior. Bids were optimized based on conversion data and banners were aligned to buying patterns.


  • 30x ROI on advertising spend
  • 30% increase in spend per user
  • 4x increase in conversion to impression rate