Affiliate Data Sharing Tips- A Framework for Sharing Data

This video recommends a framework for Advertisers to effectively manage data sharing with their partners and affiliates and boost their returns from various channels. Channel partners need data to engage users and lead them to transact on an advertiser’s website. A price comparison site might need product (catalog) data only. Whereas, sophisticated channels like retargeting […] Read more "Affiliate Data Sharing Tips- A Framework for Sharing Data"

Mobile Marketing Tips- Maximising Reach with Unified Messaging

“If your plans don’t include mobile, your plans aren’t complete”, says Wendy Clarke, VP Marketing, Coca-Cola. As much as it adds to your marketing plans, mobile complicates things with its web and app interfaces, iOS and Android platforms. But your customers are fragmented across these platforms. Here’s our Shiju Mathew, Head Products- Mobile at Vizury […] Read more "Mobile Marketing Tips- Maximising Reach with Unified Messaging"

What is a DMP?

Have you ever wondered if you could predict the NEXT product that your customer might buy? Imagine a customer walks into your store, like every Thursday. Picks up her weekly’s and leaves. She’s got friends visiting.She logs in to your website that Sunday to buy a few more things. There’s a pop up on her […] Read more "What is a DMP?"