Push Notification technology

Intelligent Push Notifications To Grow ROI

Algorithms That Target Basis User Profile

Web push

Intellirec - Leverage The Power Of Self Learning
Algorithms That Target Better

How Intellirec Works For Push Notifications

Browser push
Mobile push notifications

Algorithm Highlight

  • Desktop push Notifications

    User Segregation

    Algorithm Segments Users Basis
    Products Viewed & Actions Taken
  • Web Push notification


    Algorithm Sends Out Notifications
    Basis User Segment
  • Personalized messaging


    Algorithm Learns and Optimizes
    Campaign Bids To Meet The Targets

Targeted Advertising

Pre-defined smart use cases to execute E-Commerce specific strategies

Our platform is pre-loaded with smart use cases that can be activated with the click of a few buttons. The segmentation is taken care of. Choose a campaign, enter your messaging and activate across channels. It is that simple.


Target the right users with the right message and at the right time

Use segments for batch-push campaigns. Or send 1-1 personalized messages for custom defined personas. Customize each data point according to your business requirement and always reach the right audience.


Reach out to your users wherever they are in real-time for higher conversions

Send personalized push messages even if the user is not active on your website or app, based on a schedule or real-time event triggers.


Real-time stats to measure the effectivity of every push notification sent

Keep a watch on browser-wise subscribers, number of push notifications delivered, views, click through rate, conversions, conversion ratio, sales revenue and opt-outs for a detailed and accurate campaign analysis.