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7 Hacks to Grow Holiday

Sales - Fashion Commerce


How to Re-engage the Inactive customers

Use cases & recommendations to use the best marketing channels at each stage of sales cycle

7 tried and tested fashion ecommerce conversion tips that will boost your sales

Tips to target and reach visitors and covert them into customers at right time.

7 hacks to increase your sales and conversions

What's inside this guide?

How personalization will create magic?

How to reach your customers when it matters most

Tips to modify entire shopping experience highly personalize to each visitor


How to make that lasting first impression?

Increase customer life time value with free channels and re-engage them

Getting started with a new marketing channel

Tips to send personalized messages and offer to your visitors and customers 

An end to end approach to your entire clientele giving it a cathartic cleansing of sorts and boost your holiday sales in the process.

Why Fashion E-Commerce marketers love us

"Vizury is a preferred partner for us. Their ability to optimize towards an ROI and their expertise in various channels including Facebook truly helps.”

 "Vizury's app re-engagement platform has helped us achieve both (engage & retain more customers and personalised marketing to get higher conversions), making them our top app retargeting partner"

Kushal Bhalotiya

Head of Online Marketing

Megha Mehra

VP Marketing at Namshi

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7 Hacks to Grow Holiday

Sales - Fashion Commerce

Caught up with the holiday frenzy?

With the holiday season almost around the corner, it’s time for

marketers to conjure up winning strategies that will draw shoppers to their websites, apps and rack up sales. After all, this is the only time of the year when people aren’t going to stop shopping even after their wallets have long screamed uncle.

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