Making Data Count for a leading global airlines based out of the Middle East


This is one of the world’s leading airlines based out of the UAE. With a fleet of 110 aircrafts, the airlines carried 14.3 million passengers and 568,648 tons of freight in 2014. 202 aircrafts are expected to arrive in the next 10 years.



The airline wanted to boost online bookings to drive up revenues, explore new marketing channels to reach new customers and increase ROI with optimized marketing.



Customer segments were identified based on ticket value users look for, the various touch points they come in contact with and the ones who drop off from the cart. Real time bidding and publisher optimization ensured that the high value customers were targeted across touch points, a combination of Facebook and display ads, with valid deals. High-propensity users were retargeted to increase CTR and increase average ticket value. Facebook RHS inventory was used to target users with personalized messaging.



  • 283% increase in CTR
  • 23% increase in average ticket value