Kraftly grows website user engagement and conversions with Vizury’s Browser Push Notifications

Launched in 2015, Kraftly is an online marketplace where over 6000 sellers connect with buyers and sell products from over 1500 categories. Away from the standard, typical and stereotype products, the brand promises to bring to its customers’ doorstep, unique products that are crafted with love from sellers all over India.


Kraftly wanted to boost return visits to its website that eventually result in conversions. Optimizing marketing spends and focus on ROI was also part of the brand’s strategy.


Kraftly set up Push Notifications for its website to re-connect with users that had dropped off from their website.

Users were segmented based on purchase history and website behavior

Vizury’s Push notifications platform was used to deliver extremely personalized notifications on the user’s browser

With product feed integration, Kraftly could include elements such as the product name, image, updated price within the Push Notification making them more engaging

These subscription-based notifications were shown to users that had dropped off from Kraftly’s website without completing a purchase


2X better engagement when compared to static Push Notifications

7% CVR when drop-offs were sent targeted notifications

22% CTR when cart drop-offs were sent Push Notifications from the website

$0.005 CPC (The cost per click is way lesser than the brand’s display retargeting spends)

About Browser Push Notifications with Vizury:

E-Commerce brands can send personalized Push messages and recommend relevant products along with the product image, price. Browser Push Notifications with Vizury are:


Deep-liked with website product views

Triggered when the customer touches a critical point in the purchase cycle (such as drop-off, inactive, repeat visits)