The ecommerce marketers guide to Rich Media Push Notifications
Do users love your Push Notifications? Learn how to entice your customers at each stage of purchase. This guide will help you understand how to use Rich Media  Push Notifications at each stage of the purchase cycle, evaluate customer response to Push at different times in a day and grow in-app engagement and conversions.
Maximize digital growth with website personalization
In an increasingly interconnected world, consumers are slowly but surely moving to a completely digital landscape for their transactions. This transition has a significant impact on the Banking, Insurance and Financial services domain considering the fact the users access services at more than one digital touch point. Users have grown to expect a consistent and […]
App Marketing Best Practices for User Retention
If you are looking to retain your app users, here’s something you must totally read. This guide helps you build and measure your App Marketing efforts. Find tips to engage and retain existing users, know more about predicting and preventing uninstalls effectively and the metrics that you must track to grow your App ROI.
A Step by Step Guide to Optimize App Marketing & Grow Conversions
Ecommerce companies have seen a slower quarter. According to Business Today, investors in India have turned cautious about placing big bets on ecommerce start-ups and the party is clearly over. Here are 3 powerful ways to optimize your marketing channels and grow In-App conversions.
7 Misconceptions of Data Driven Marketing
It’s all around you. You hear about it in meetings, you read about it on blogs. Data-driven Marketing is something most marketers often bump into. Here are 7 misconceptions and some facts that many marketers do not know around data-driven marketing.
Infographic: Amplify App Marketing across FB, Instagram and Audience Network
Facebook’s global ad inventory and can show ads across Facebook, Instagram and Audience Network. What this means is that you can reach your app users in more places through a single Mobile Marketing Platform. Results to expect – Upto 4X higher CTR and 2.5X Improved ROI when compared to traditional App Marketing efforts
16 Step Guide: How to scale up your digital business Part 2- Engaging with your customers
Here is a checklist of 16 steps which will help you assess your current marketing strategy. These 16 steps are divided into 2 parts and Part I talked about ‘New customer acquisition’. Part II explains 10 key steps to effectively ‘Engaging your existing customer base’ to help you scale up your digital share of the […]
16 Step Guide: How to scale up your BFSI digital business (Part 1)- New Customer Acquision
The online contribution to the revenue of insurance companies is significantly minimal compared to other industries. Looking at it the half-glass-full way, there’s immense potential to scale up the digital business to the tune of 10X+. The key question though is – How do you go about achieving it? Here is a checklist of 16 […]
Kraftly grows Website User Engagement and Conversions with Vizury’s Browser Push Notifications
Kraftly grows website user engagement and conversions with Vizury’s Browser Push Notifications Launched in 2015, Kraftly is an online marketplace where over 6000 sellers connect with buyers and sell products from over 1500 categories. Away from the standard, typical and stereotype products, the brand promises to bring to its customers’ doorstep, unique products that are […]
Vizury Engage ‘How To’ Series: All About User Segmentation
This is the first video in the ‘How To’ video series on using Vizury Engage, the Multi-Channel Marketing Platform. If you are trying to implement a personalized marketing strategy for your brand, user segmentation is the first and the most important step. To personalize your user engagements, you need to get your segmentation right. With […]
Engage App ‘How To’ Series – Personalized Push – I
This is the second video in the ‘How To’ video series on using Engage App, the Mobile Marketing Platform that helps you personalize app marketing across channels. Push Notification has proven to be the most powerful tool to re-engage with your app users. With Engage App, sending user level personalized push notifications is the click […]
Mobile is soaring in the United States!
Of 220M Mobile Users in the US, 200 Million are monthly active Mobile App users. What does it mean to your brand?
Catch what’s trending in India’s Mobile Commerce
India prepares for the march into an “App-only” world with 110M highly-engaged mobile users as of March, 2015. What does this mean to your brand?