In-App Video Retargeting for Mobile

Personalized targeting on video

Video is by far the best tool to attract the attention of users and it is no different in your app. Don’t let your app users slip under the radar anymore, they are just too valuable to let go. Reach out to your audience where they give you the most attention with Vizury’s In-App Video Retargeting and
Re-engagement solution. It’s time to reap more returns on your in-app ad spend.

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In-app video ads

Target your user base with video ads on Google’s ad network. Get 2X better CTR than the usual interstitial ads. Revive your inactive app users and drive up retention rates.

Overlay banner

Show banners of the user’s last seen product along with two other recommended products on the bottom of the video. Do this dynamically to attract app drop-offs straight back to the product page with banner deep-linking. Push them closer to the ‘Buy’ button, with love.

Companion ads

Interstitial banner ads with customized product recommendations at the end of a video to re-engage with your app users. Fret not, when the user skips the video, the ad still appears. Personalize user experience to increase conversion rate by up to 3X.