Chetan Kulkarni CEO

Chetan Kulkarni is the co-founder and CEO of Vizury. Curious about the psychology of shoppers and passionate about technology, realising the power of data technology and marketing, Chetan, hit the sweet spot when he combined the three and founded Vizury, to deliver dramatically improved results to marketers. Under Chetan’s stewardship, Vizury has made innovation its motto, expanded its product portfolio and expanded its global base and widened its reach. Prior to co-founding Vizury, he was a part of the Business Value Group in Trilogy Inc. where he worked with Fortune 500 companies to establish business value from Trilogy’s solutions. He holds an MBA from the Indian Institute of Management Lucknow, India and a Bachelors of Engineering in Computer Science from National Institute of Technology, Surathkal, India.

Vikram Nayak, CTO

Vikram Nayak is the CTO and one of the co-founders of Vizury. Picking only the best, Vikram has built the engineering team at Vizury from scratch. He currently oversees product architecture and technology development besides driving people to think out-of-the-box and keep innovation at the forefront of everything they do. Prior to his entrepreneurial journey, Vikram was part of the enterprise solutions group at Trilogy (renamed Versata) where he handled pricing, configuration and project management. Vikram has a Masters degree from Indian Institute of Technology, Mumbai and holds a patent in the database interface architecture field.

Gourav Chindlur,


Gourav Chindlur co-founded Vizury with Chetan and Vikram. He heads Product Development at Vizury. He is a passionate technologist and curious about how technology could be leveraged to dramatically improve mobile marketing by studying user micro behaviour. Earlier, Gourav as part of the business value group at Trilogy,  he was involved in developing customer acquisition strategies for Automobile manufacturers and Telecom operators across US & India markets. His experience at Trilogy and Motorola and his own innate curiosity helped Gourav get in-depth knowledge of how technology and data analytics could change the game for marketers. A Computer Science engineer from RVCE, Bangalore, Gourav has an MBA from the Indian Institute of Management, Kozhikode. He also holds a patent in the field of radio communication.