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Why Browser Push Notifications?

Re-engage lapsed users

Reach out to users who have bought from you earlier and never visited your website after that.

Cart Abandonment Alert

Shorten purchase journey by recommending last seen product to cart drop-offs.

Time sensitive discounts

Send instant notifications about time-based offers to users who are not accessing your website.

Price drop alert

Notify users when product prices drop. Send alerts to users who have visited or carted those products but haven’t bought.

New user acquisition

Send first buy discounts on frequently bought categories /products and prompt the first sale.

Re-stock Alert

Send notifications when a product viewed by the user is back in stock.

Product Feed Integration

Personalize each message to include product image, product name and updated price.


Send 1:1 personalized recommendations and offers for meaningful engagements.


Analyse, optimise and tweak your campaigns based on a day to day basis.


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