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ROI Driven Marketing Platform for Commerce Brands

Browser Push Notifications

Get started with the easiest Browser Push Notifications and retarget your ecommerce website users even when they’ve dropped off your website.

Personalized Carousel Push Notifications

Send personalized Push Notifications and recommend more than one product in a single Push.

25% CTR

Dynamic Emails to reach across devices

Create specific target segments and send 1-1 personalized emails.

3X better engagement
when compared to static emails

Predict and prevent app uninstalls

Pre-empt uninstalls and run cross channel retention campaigns and target users likely to uninstall you app.

83% accurate predictions

Display Retargeting and re-engagement

Bring back cart drop-offs or Re-engage inactive users and get them back into the purchase cycle with precisely calibrated display ads.

5X better ROI

Cross Channel Optimization

Choose the right channel and reach out to multi-screening users
with customized messaging across devices and channels for
better brand recall.

3X better ROI when compared to other marketing partners.

Vizury is a preferred partner for us.

Kaushal Bhalotia
Head – Online Marketing

Vizury’s Marketing Platform’s performance has been impressive.

Saurabh Kapoor,
Head – Digital Marketing

Enhance user experience

Your users expect you to know where they are and what they want. Give them a consistent and personalized experience across all digital touchpoints.

Fight Uninstalls

Predict those who are about to uninstall your app. Re-engage inactive users with personalized messaging and bring them back to your app. Do not watch them leave you.

Increase conversions

Retarget app drop offs with product recommendations customized to each user. Push them towards that elusive purchase, with love.

Boost engagement

Understand user intent and reach out to the inactive ones with personalized messages. Bring them back to your app and a step closer to the buy button.

Optimize marketing spends

Make the best use of your owned channels (push, email) before you splurge dollars on display and social. Identify the channels your users respond to and focus on those to boost marketing RoI

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