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Your customers transact with you using different devices and channels. It could be online or offline. Engage, helps you influence customer journeys and enhance their experiences across these touch points for greater engagement and eventually sales. Here’s how this works.

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Solving 6 crucial marketing problems for Banks


Personalized website experience for net banking customers for better up-sell

Trigger real-time messages based on user behavior across website, mobile site, app and offline store transaction data. Identify net banking customers among the massive pool of website visitors and personalize popups and banners on your website for them. Push online behavior data back into your EDW to enrich your existing user scorecards. Upto 10% higher sales to net banking customers is now possible with Engage.

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Reach your unreachable customers on Facebook

Build uninterrupted customer engagements.Engage’s Customer One-View helps you identify DNC (Do Not Call) customers on Facebook. Customize your ads to promote relevant offers/products and stay relevant to your audience. With Engage’s Customer Scorer and segment customers as HOT and COLD before you target them on Facebook.


Optimizing display media spends

With Engage there are three ways to do this and get upto 15% cost savings across display channels.

Engage allows you to show lead generation ads only to new users and block all account holders from such ads.

With Engage’s Free-Before-Paid feature, you can run campaigns on owned channels like email, sms before you activate paid and programmatic marketing.

Reach users where they are most active. Find the right channel for every customer with Engage.


Cross-channel personalization and synchronisation

Connect with your customers across channels. Have engaging conversations with them as they switch from desktop to mobile and social. With Engage, your customer engagements are never disrupted. Engage can help you save 10% of your marketing spends.

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Multi-channel marketing to boost credit card/loan sales to account holders

Gather online and offline behavioral traits for your account holders and determine those interested to purchase a credit card or avail a loan. Target them with the right message across five different marketing channels. With Engage’s multi-channel marketing platform, connect with account holders wherever they are most active and drive upto 20% higher sales.

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Generating HOT leads from your website visitor-pool

Engage helps you gauge the value of every visitor on your website. Is he an existing customer? Which product is he interested in? Along with answers to such questions, Engage’s Customer Scores help you classify your website visitors as COLD, WARM and HOT leads. You can use Engage’s marketing platform to reach out to HOT leads across other websites and generate 25% more relevant leads when compared to search marketing.

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