Optimising Cost of Sales and
ROI for Airlines.


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Here’s how Engage can
help airlines marketers


Yield management

Find users with the right propensity to purchase on specific routes/days/classes and offer limited period discounts. Use Engage’s cross-channel marketing platform to reach such users across 8 different channels and prompt bookings. Integrate your yield management strategy with marketing for greater ROI.


Personalized marketing

Place users at the center of your marketing conversations. Personalize offers for every user based on their behavior and interests. For example, share discount codes for long haul flights, double miles for loyalty members, business upgrade for premium economy users for business travellers and so on. Gone are the days of mass communication and mass offers.


Super-fast Speed to Market

Gather insights, formulate marketing strategies and execute them flawlessly through a single platform. With Engage, your entire audience and the preferred marketing channels are at your fingertips. A few clicks and you will see your cross-channel user engagements in action. No more waiting for agencies to come up with your media plan.

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Cross-channel personalization and synchronisation

Connect with your customers across channels. Have engaging conversations with them as they switch from desktop to mobile and social. With Engage, your customer engagements are never disrupted. Engage can help you save 10% of your marketing spends.


Mobile marketing that works in sync for Facebook and Display

Engage connects with users where they are most active on mobile. An active Facebook user will be shown Newsfeed ads while an avid news website visitor will be shown display ads on the website that he frequently visits. Synchronize your mobile ads and maximize your mobile marketing ROI


Unified online-offline marketing

Bring together your online and offline marketing onto a single platform. With Engage, your recommendations, offers or just conversations with a single customer are unified for a consistent brand experience across touch points.

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