MobiConvert In-App Retargeting Delivers 2X Higher Conversions for Yintai

Vizury MobiConvert’s unique In-App Retargeting helps you reach out to your mobile app users as they access various other apps and show them customized ads. is one of China’s leading online boutiques and has an incessant volume of app downloads. Yintai wanted to engage these app users and retain them in the purchase cycle. Here’s how Vizury’s In-App Re-targeting helped Yintai not just engage their app users, but also delivered a 2x boost in purchases through the app.

yintai mobic 300-01

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Nishant is a marketer at Vizury Interactive, where he helps ecommerce business owners to increase revenue. Vizury helps ecommerce companies to increase sales with new channels like web push notifications.'

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