Vizury is now an FBX Qualified Company

Vizury announced that it is now a qualified company with Facebook Exchange (FBX). There are only 26 companies worldwide in the” FBX Qualified Companies” list ( and Vizury is one of the first Asian companies to be included in this list. Vizury integrated with FBX during November last year and since then it has been successfully running campaigns at scale on FBX’s global ad inventory for its clients across India, Australia, China, Japan, Middle East, South East Asia and Latin America. Post its inclusion on the FBX Qualified Companies list, Vizury will also have access to the global News Feed ad inventory on Facebook.

Chetan Kulkarni, CEO at Vizury adds “This is exciting news for us and we hope to add greater value to our global clients through our expanded access to FBX inventory”.

Facebook® is a registered trademark of Facebook, Inc.

About Vizury

We love the internet. Next to the wheel, it is considered one of the greatest human inventions that helps bring people closer. At Vizury, we use our digital CRM solution to help bring brands closer to online markets and capture not just eyeballs, but also their attention and imagination. Established in 2008, we work with some of the best known brands in 27 countries across industries such as ecommerce, travel & hospitality, healthcare, automobile, and classifieds. Say hello to us at

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Nishant is a marketer at Vizury Interactive, where he helps ecommerce business owners to increase revenue. Vizury helps ecommerce companies to increase sales with new channels like web push notifications.'

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