Media Agencies and the Behavioural Retargeting Space

Behavioural retargeting is a fast growing sector in the digital marketing space. Not only that, but is something that should be an important part of every marketers’ digital strategy especially if they’re running an online transactional business.


At a basic level, behavioural targeting allows a site owner to retarget a consumer that has dropped off their site and encourage them to come back and complete a desired result, in many cases a completed sale. The rise of pure play sophisticated retargeting platforms allows online transactional businesses to follow a consumer through their sales funnel, build a profile of this consumer and retarget them with a personalised and dynamic ad somewhere else in the digital ecosystem. For most retargeting businesses, this is done on a pure performance model (CPC, CPA, CPS), and delivers an effective and efficient sales result for the site owner.


Due to the nature of this type of product, and the engagement required with multiple touch points within a client, it’s almost essential to work directly with a client’s team and typically the Head of e-Commerce within these businesses, as opposed to via the media agency channel. To get a campaign to start and run effectively there’s the need to deploy tags across a site, access an API or XML feed of site data, and build and have creative approved.


The question that is now coming up is whether this is a solution that should be sold into and then managed by a media agency. In media land, there’s always the natural tension created by a media owner wanting to work directly with a client, and a media agency wanting to protect the relationship they have with the advertiser whilst also controlling and driving the digital marketing strategy.


This is fair enough if the media owner is providing is a ‘flat’ media solution.


In the case of behavioural retargeting, this is an integrated creative and technology solution that drives an effective sales result for a client. Quite often this can be done more efficiently than what a media agency is able to deliver through their own planning and buying strategy. When you then add the vested interest that an agency has in recommending a solution from their Agency Trading Desk, the question that needs to be asked is whether a media agency can provide an independent and objective suggestion to their client about a re-targeting solution, when this is potentially a competitive and more sophisticated product.


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