How Vizury’s Master Tags Optimize Your Retargeting Campaigns

If you are an advertiser, you will know that affiliate tags perform multiple tasks to capture data about user interaction on your website. Vizury started off by using the prevalent technology of the day i.e. iframe tags – static markup with explicitly passed parameters. The tag deployment process looked like this:


When iframe tags were being used, you had to place different tags in different sections of your website and pass the necessary parameters in each of the tags requiring substantial time and effort from your engineering team. On top of it, there was a lot of scope for manual error when passing parameter values. But the trouble did not end here. Based on insights derived from the campaign performance, if we were to modify campaign settings such as user segmentation, you had to pass a set of new parameters and verify the same and meant a lot of hassles for you!

Vizury has always focused on offering fully-managed services to its clients. In our pursuit to simplify campaign management and free advertisers from the hassles involved, we have been offering Master Tags. Through this blog we hope to acquaint you with Master Tags and how your retargeting campaign could benefit with Master Tags.

Master Tags are JavaScript codes that we share with you at the onset of a campaign. Since each website has unique URL and HTML structures, we customize our tags to suit your website. For every campaign, we share a single Master Tag with you that never requires any updates or replacement. This is a process flow for campaign management with Master Tags:


All you need to do is insert a single tag on your website on all pages and we will take care of all the subsequent activities involved. Once your campaign is live, Master Tags insert a cookie on your website visitor’s browser and enable us to track them across the internet for retargeting. Also, Master Tags access the data points required to run your campaign and collect data from your website product catalog necessary to run your campaigns. We collect data such as Product ID, Product Name, Price, Availability etc. This data is used to create ads that are shown to your website drop-offs. We store your data on our secure servers and prevent unauthorized access and use of the same.

Do Master Tags affect your website load time? The answer is NO. Unlike their predecessors, Master Tags are asynchronous and do not hold up your webpage from loading. More importantly, we use CDN technology from Akamai Technologies for content delivery and ensure that the user’s experience on your website is never hampered due to our Tags.

Apart from freeing your IT team from the campaign management hassles, Master Tags allow a higher degree of flexibility and dynamic user segmentation. This can only mean better results for your campaign. You could upgrade your existing tags with our Master Tags – contact your Account Manager or send us an e-mail at

We hope this blog has helped you understand the role of Master Tags in our retargeting campaigns – do leave your comments/queries!

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