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E-commerce and travel advertisers have a unique marketing calendar of their own. Apparel and fashion retailing follows a seasonal calendar. Spring collections come in, followed by a spring sale, which is followed by summer collections coming in and so forth. Airline and hotels advertisers market around tourism trends and almost all advertisers have special festival promotions and offers.

Advertisers are keen to create strong awareness about such marketing events. Events like these also create opportunities for marketers to create warm and personal connections with their users. As a marketer, wouldn’t you love to share the yuletide spirit with your users? Or rejoice together in the sheer passion and energy of the Rio Carnival? Even more functional, if you have a set of products on seasonal sale with large discounts, would you not want to prominently display them to users at appropriate moments?

But display retargeting, despite having an obvious visual element that could be tapped into and having the benefit of cherry picking users, is heavily standardized. It follows fixed banner templates and targeting algorithms. So much so that it is not possible to even change colours or fonts on your creatives, much less get Santa to smile at your users. The result: cold, impersonal targeting that would make Captain Spock go into a logic-induced clicking frenzy! (Which we would otherwise be absolutely delighted with, by the way. Our team explains the rigor behind our big data algorithms in two of our previous articles – (i) Overview of Recommendation Systems at Vizury and (ii) Big Data Analytics at Vizury)

At Vizury, we try our best to align with the marketer’s calendar. And have a platform that offers the best of both worlds – the efficiency of automation and the flexibility to integrate promotional campaigns. In this post, I will explore a few of these features.

Push Products:

This feature allows advertisers to identify a set of products from their product catalog that they would like to promote when there is an opportunity to do so. Srivatsa from our Ops team talks about the impact of push products and other strategies adopted during the holiday season in his article ”Retargeting in Holiday Season”.

Discount Matching:

Given a list of offers, Vizury’s systems pick the one that is most relevant for a given user in real time. E.g. if you are offering a 10% discount on flights into Europe during summer when tourism is higher, a Sydney to Amsterdam user would know such an offer is available through our ads.

Event specific Targeting:

Leading up to and post the marketing event, we can target relevant users more aggressively. E.g. leading into the Rio carnival, we open up international traffic on our travel advertisers in Brazil. For the rest of the year, such traffic does not convert and contribute to RoI. But in December and January, there is significant interest from international markets for flights into Rio.

Theme based Creative Design:

While standardized templates can be launched almost with the word go, our awesome creative team can create themed templates that seamlessly blend into advertiser promotions and yet never take away from performance. (Our systems would show them less and less even if they do.) Here are a couple of awesome FIFA themed banners.


As a large brand with a huge user base, if your website and your social channels are painstakingly working to make a promotion succeed, shouldn’t you expect your display retargeting channel to support you as well and be consistent in messaging?

Keep watching this space to know more on how you can align retargeting better with your marketing calendar. Vizury will soon be publishing a white paper on this topic.


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