Vizury launches Engage Commerce – the growth marketing platform for commerce

Vizury today launched Engage Commerce – the world’s first growth marketing platform custom built for ecommerce.

Engage Commerce powers user level personalised messaging across channels to boost retention and grow conversions.


VentureBeat released the story yesterday after Stewart Rogers interviewed Chetan Kulkarni, CEO of Vizury at the Postback 2016 event in Seattle.

“Engage Commerce is built to power 1:1 user engagement. Improving engagement is the answer to increased and sustainable revenues” Chetan said.

Engage Commerce takes ecommerce marketing to a whole new level with personalized engagement powered by machine learning.

With Engage Commerce, ecommerce marketers can now,

  1. Send personalized multi product carousel push notifications 
  2. Send user level customised email
  3. Predict and prevent uninstalls
  4. Retarget and re-engage users on mobile, display and social
  5. Send personalized web push notifications

These are just few of the uber cool features. And there’s more.

We can’t wait for you to see this. Get a demo today.

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