Vizury announces the Japan launch of its Data Management Platform Engage360 Tokyo

Vizury, a leading digital CRM company in Japan, launched its Data Management Platform Engage360 during the SendenKaigi Summit 2014 held at Tokyo, last week. With Engage360, marketers now have the ability to unleash the full power of their customer data.

“Marketers face three challenges today when they try to leverage data. Firstly, they have to deal with large volumes and variety of customer data that is generated at various touch points both online and offline. Secondly, they need to rapidly interpret this data and generate actionable insights. Thirdly, use these insights for personalized messaging consistently across devices and channels. Engage360 is a real business solution that addresses all three problems” said Mr. Subra Krishnan, Vice President Products at Vizury.

“What is unique about Engage360 is how it is specifically designed for the Japan market. With Vizury’s mobile-first product strategy, marketers can on board both mobile website and application data. They can also set-up cross-device marketing campaigns on Facebook, Twitter to target PC users on mobile.” said Mr. Keiichiro Tomimatsu, General Manager Japan.

How businesses benefit from Engage360?

  • Any data of any format and size can be integrated – Structured, unstructured, xml, text, log files, API. Vizury’s engineering team does the heavy lifting
  • Meaningful insights delivered much faster than Hive/Hadoop queries.
  • Wide variety of marketing channels like PC & Mobile display, In-app ads, social channels like Facebook and Twitter, Site Personalization, Email, Call Center, SMS
  • Private DMP offerings that ensure data security
  • Managed solution and ability to make custom features, reports and analysis
  • Easy to use interface to set-up and manage campaigns

Engage360 is ideal for large enterprises in e-commerce, travel, automotive, banking, insurance, credit card and telecom sectors. In pilots done in India, UAE and China, marketers have been able to get RoI as high as 1700% on their campaigns.


About Vizury

Vizury helps marketers secure customers-for-life through personalized marketing solutions. Established in 2008, Vizury has offices in Bangalore (HQ), Tokyo, Delhi, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzho, Singapore, Jakarta, Taipei, Dubai, Seoul, Sydney, Sao Paulo and Mexico. Vizury was recognized as the sixth fastest growing company in the Deloitte APAC Fast500 2013 and is among the first in Asia to be an FBX qualified partner and a Twitter Retargeting Platform Partner.


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Nishant is a marketer at Vizury Interactive, where he helps ecommerce business owners to increase revenue. Vizury helps ecommerce companies to increase sales with new channels like web push notifications.'

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