[Video Blog] Vizury Engage ‘How To’ Series: All About User Segmentation

If you are trying to implement a personalized marketing strategy for your brand, user segmentation is the first and the most important step. To personalize your user engagements, you need to get your segmentation right. With Vizury Engage, the Data and Marketing platform, user segmentation is quick and easy.

With Vizury Engage you can,

  • Choose from a host of pre-set segments that are preset for your vertical.
  • Or you can create niche target segments in order to implement a specific marketing strategy.

But that’s not all. The minute you create a segment, the Predictive Indicator will tell you how many users are likely to be reached with that segment and the marketing channels (like Display, Social, Email, your website) where you will reach most of users. This helps you decide if you would like to run the engagement and also choose the right channels. Isn’t that awesome?

Here’s the video, see how Vizury Engage helps you create segments and target users effectively.

This is the first in a series of ‘How To’ videos for Vizury Engage – the Data and Marketing Platform that helps you personalize customer conversations across so many different channels.


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Nishant is a marketer at Vizury Interactive, where he helps ecommerce business owners to increase revenue. Vizury helps ecommerce companies to increase sales with new channels like web push notifications.'

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