Six Ways to Boost Your Ecommerce Conversion Rates In 2017

There is no doubt that eCommerce businesses are trending in today’s era, with success pretty much guaranteed. However, assuming that it will come to you automatically is a mistake, as you need to put in extra effort to ensure success. Customers love online shopping because it is comfortable, convenient, and cost-effective, but you need to offer a pleasant shopping experience to them or they will simply switch to your rival.

To increase your online sales, you need to ensure that your conversion rate is high. A conversion rate simply means the conversion of visitors into customers. This rate is directly proportional to the revenues you earn. According to a research study, online sales in the UK, US, Germany, and China will grow by £320 billion in the next 3 years.

Here are some ways you can increase your conversion rate

Live chat support for the customers

This is one of the best tips to increase conversion rate. If you are looking to boost your engagement substantially, introduce live chat support on your eCommerce website.

Generally, customers get confused with the thousands of products and services you and your rivals offer. Therefore, quick precise answers are very much the need of the hour. By introducing the live chat support on your website, they will get answers in no time.

It will definitely enhance goodwill and trust with your customers. Moreover, you can analyze their response according to the change in the conversion rate.

However, you need to ensure that your customer representative does not keep them waiting for a long time or they will get bored and annoyed and lose interest.

By introducing the live chat support feature, you are telling them that you are here to help them out and it is precisely what they are looking for.

Ecommerce conversion rates

Do A/B testing

One of the most alluring methods to increase conversion rate is called split testing. Suppose, you have two possible headlines for your online page and you are not sure which one to use. So, you can go for A/B split testing and you will come to know which one is preferred.

Here, we clearly see how visitors have reacted differently to two different options.

You need to make two versions of your website page, with the software sending 50% of the traffic to page A and 50% to page B. The results will tell you which one to use. It is an easy and time-saving way to increase your conversion rate.

Write product descriptions

You must have seen different online shopping portals where you can’t find any information about products. This is not something your potential customer prefers. Hence, make sure that you write interesting and informative product descriptions that make life easier for your customers.

Additionally, there are many advantages to product descriptions and you will see the boost in your conversion rate.

Here, notice how perfectly everything has been described, right from its comfort levels to its precise fit. In addition, describing everything about your products briefly catches visitors’ attention.

Also, you need to place your website with proper SEO. Without SEO, your conversion rate will not increase in the manner it should. Further, the main purpose of SEO is to enhance the traffic on your website. High website traffic is crucial to boosting your conversion rate.

There are many other categories of SEO, like SMO (Social Media Optimization), PPC (Pay per Click), and much more.

Email receipts optimization

When you purchase any product or service online, you will get an email confirming the sale, which is pretty much standard practice. Here’s where you will need to be somewhat innovative. According to a survey conducted by Harris Poll, 80% of consumers love to visit a shopping portal when an email receipt recommends other products based on the previous purchase.

The above email not only gives information about the shipment of the order, but it also suggests another ‘great gift!’

Consumers just love to check out other products once they are done with their shopping. Hence, there is a chance that they may end up buying more products.

tips to increase conversion rate

Developing trust is important

According to Marketing Guru Zig Ziglar, people won’t buy from you for four reasons:

  • No need
  • No money
  • Not in a hurry
  • No trust


The first three reasons are out of our hands as it changes from customer to customer. However, you can do something about the fourth reason. It is very important that you develop trust among your customers. How? Here is a list of tips:


  • Build credibility by citing articles and blogs from third parties
  • Genuine and authentic customer testimonials and reviews
  • Adding a physical address of the company
  • Introduce your team with pictures
  • Make communication with them live and easy
  • Maintain a site that looks professional and user-friendly


You can also boost their trust by informing them about the products and services they are interested in. Some of these tips may help you out:


  • When you are offering a promotion, you can use popup windows to get their attraction. You can also inform them by sending promotional texts or emails. However, you need to ensure that the popup does not distract the shopper.
  • Introduce an information bar on the top right side of your website. It will create curiosity among buyers and it may increase your conversion rate.
  • Who does not like a cost-effective deal that saves money? Just like other online shopping portals, you need to offer discount coupons and codes to attract your customers. This will encourage them to shop more on your website and, most importantly, they will visit your site in the future to check out offers.


The conversion rate is something that increases your revenues at the end of the day. What is the use of thousands of customers visiting your eCommerce site and not shopping? By making the effort and utilizing the suggestions mentioned above, you can surely increase the conversion rate of your website and generate revenues. Also, remember that a visitor that comes to your website has many other options and you need to ensure that he does not get a chance to leave your site without making a purchase.


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