Push Notifications : Beyond the beaten track

So we all know the deal with Push Notifications. They are irksome, and no one would tell you they could receive tons of them daily and not get exasperated without rolling their eyes at the same time. However, for an E-Commerce marketer they are unquestionably a powerful channel that is continously evolving into the perfect medium for consumer intercation. So, how do we probe it further along the path to perfection? What does the future even look like for push notifications?
We got to thinking along these lines, and came up with a few ideas that Luxury Daily were kind enough to put out on their website.

Rest assured we’re not going to go on to finally say that personalization is the solution. That would be a cop-out; Personalization is the here and now. In this post we look at how we can fashion a more pleasant push experience for users in the future . Now check out the piece here

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