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It is time for joy, cheer and a lot of magic. With shopping done, all of us hang our stockings and await our gifts. For a change, we sent something across to the all digital Santa and this letter fell through our chimney. It read…

My dear Vizury,

I had absolute fun with your pre-Christmas present. Here’s what happened when I found your magic box under my Christmas tree…



Santa- Final-221214

Vizury announces the Japan launch of its Data Management Platform Engage360 Tokyo

Vizury, a leading digital CRM company in Japan, launched its Data Management Platform Engage360 during the SendenKaigi Summit 2014 held at Tokyo, last week. With Engage360, marketers now have the ability to unleash the full power of their customer data.

“Marketers face three challenges today when they try to leverage data. Firstly, they have to deal with large volumes and variety of customer data that is generated at various touch points both online and offline. Secondly, they need to rapidly interpret this data and generate actionable insights. Thirdly, use these insights for personalized messaging consistently across devices and channels. Engage360 is a real business solution that addresses all three problems” said Mr. Subra Krishnan, Vice President Products at Vizury.

“What is unique about Engage360 is how it is specifically designed for the Japan market. With Vizury’s mobile-first product strategy, marketers can on board both mobile website and application data. They can also set-up cross-device marketing campaigns on Facebook, Twitter to target PC users on mobile.” said Mr. Keiichiro Tomimatsu, General Manager Japan.

How businesses benefit from Engage360?

  • Any data of any format and size can be integrated – Structured, unstructured, xml, text, log files, API. Vizury’s engineering team does the heavy lifting
  • Meaningful insights delivered much faster than Hive/Hadoop queries.
  • Wide variety of marketing channels like PC & Mobile display, In-app ads, social channels like Facebook and Twitter, Site Personalization, Email, Call Center, SMS
  • Private DMP offerings that ensure data security
  • Managed solution and ability to make custom features, reports and analysis
  • Easy to use interface to set-up and manage campaigns

Engage360 is ideal for large enterprises in e-commerce, travel, automotive, banking, insurance, credit card and telecom sectors. In pilots done in India, UAE and China, marketers have been able to get RoI as high as 1700% on their campaigns.


About Vizury

Vizury helps marketers secure customers-for-life through personalized marketing solutions. Established in 2008, Vizury has offices in Bangalore (HQ), Tokyo, Delhi, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzho, Singapore, Jakarta, Taipei, Dubai, Seoul, Sydney, Sao Paulo and Mexico. Vizury was recognized as the sixth fastest growing company in the Deloitte APAC Fast500 2013 and is among the first in Asia to be an FBX qualified partner and a Twitter Retargeting Platform Partner.


Follow Vizury on LinkedIn or on Twitter @vizuryjapan.


For media enquiries, please write to

Looking back at Vizury 2014

One day to go and the year comes to an end. Looking back, 2014 has been quite eventful, in every aspect possible. Here is us taking a quick recap of all that happened this year. Scroll down and read along…

Kissing goodbye to 2014 and wishing you all a very Happy New Year!

November in the Vizury Newsroom



It has been frenetic in the ‘newsroom’ for the last couple of months! Among many other things, our mobile retargeting product Vizury MobiConvert picked up on the action rapidly, we were recognized for our exemplary and steady growth, we integrated with the world’s most loved social network, we wrote some interesting and thought-provoking content, and our brand new website became a redesign case study! Phew!

So here’s the lowdown:

AdExchanger interviews our CEO, Chetan Kulkarni – Chetan was interviewed by AdExchanger, one of the world’s best known websites in the ad tech space. He says, “When I look at the channels for our business right now as it relates to exchanges, it is mostly display. We have robust RTB integrations with Google, AppNexus, Facebook, the Rubicon Project and all the usual suspects. In the end, the ad-exchange model helps our advertisers reach their users at a point in time…” – India-Based Vizury Targeting Digital CRM in Asia-Pacific Region by AdExchanger.

Mobile retargeting is à la mode – Our mobile retargeting product team now functions as a ‘company-within-a-company’ headed by our COO Gourav Chindlur. Vizury MobiConvert is revolutionizing the way marketers target mobile device users who have already visited the marketer’s mobile asset (website or app). And the rich results are kicking in already – see this infographic.

We are #2 on Deloitte Tech Fast 50, 2013, a list of the 50 fastest growing technology companies in based in India. Our CEO Chetan Kulkarni credits the company’s stupendous revenue growth over the past three years to the successful international expansion and the strengths of our key website retargeting offering, Vizury WebConvert. The list is available here.

Our first whitepaper is out – We used data from our global campaigns to analyse how retargeted users behaved differently in every industry. This formed the basis of our first whitepaper, “Industry Driven Retargeting: the benefits of a domain-driven retargeting strategy.” It also recommends several industry-specific features that advertisers should build into their retargeting campaigns.

We are now directly integrated with Facebook Exchange – We announced our direct integration with Facebook Exchange, Facebook’s real-time ad buying platform. This integration will enable us display ads on Facebook, in addition to existing display inventory.

Our website is a case studyOur brand new website which is based on flat UI design is now a case study! It has been described as a pleasant deviation from template style that is so ubiquitous today. “The fact that the above information heavy pages were consumed and that there has been a 100% increase in the time spent on those pages indicate phenomenal success.” – The complete reference for a Website revamp by Jumpcontent.

Lead Digital, Germany interviews Edvaldo Acir, our Latin America Head – Ed was interviewed by Lead Digital, one of the most influential German Digital Business Magazine. Ed says, “2013 was the biggest growth spurt over Mobile. Mobile applications are therefore – together with premium environments within web portals – the next step.” – The biggest growth spurt by Mobile by Lead Digital, Germany.

We would love to hear from you. We’ll be back soon. Till then, do say hello to us at!

Affiliate Data Sharing Tips- Setting up a Framework for Sharing Data [PM Video Series 02]


“Affiliate data sharing” has been around for a while now, yet the buzz doesn’t fade away. Why?

As brands go on to work with a motley group of affiliates, managing their individual data needs turns nightmarish. Channel partners, online aggregators, ad partners, agencies – the list of affiliates is endless with their unique data needs. While a price comparison site might need product (catalog) data only, sophisticated channels like retargeting need both user-intent and product data.

Here’s a video that helps you understand and deal with all that can happen with affiliate data sharing.

Wondering why you need a framework or a process to manage data? Well, here is what could go wrong:

Data security: Safe-guarding personally identifiable information (PII) or other sensitive data needs to be a part of the brand’s DNA. Like disaster recovery solutions, everyone knows it is important but rarely is anything done till it’s too late.

User experience: If not done right, how you distribute data can impact other systems which may hamper users’ experience with your brand/website. For e.g. badly engineered affiliate tags could bring website page loads to a crawl.

Consistent and correct messaging: Imagine the after-taste when a user sees and clicks on an ad for a discount offer that actually expired days ago! Not great, right? Messaging is important and advertisers should moderate what affiliates say to potential customers.

Sub-optimal ROI: If affiliates aren’t enabled with the right data, advertisers are actually getting in the way of their delivering the best results they are capable of.

Working with hundreds of clients, we are no strangers to the aforementioned challenges. To make lives easier, we have come up with a handy three step framework to effectively visualize, monitor and enhance the data input setup. You begin with segregating the data then build a data dictionary to map the different data sources to your affiliates.

And, voila, the right set of people get the right set of information in the right frequency.

Data Driven December: 10 Cool Things Marketers Can Do With Data

Hi everyone! December is an exciting month – not only for the festive fervor but also because it helps organizations and teams wrap up an exciting year on a high. At Vizury we’re celebrating December with a data-oriented theme – DATA DRIVEN DECEMBER.


I am sharing some slides that propose “10 Cool Things Marketers Can Do With Data“. Each slide refers to one or more from data set(s), the kinds of analyses one can do on it (them), and how the insights can help improve marketing ROI. I hope you enjoy the slides and leave comments on any other innovative data-driven ideas you might have implemented.


Vizury turns 5!

5th bday
We would like to thank our customers, partners, and everyone who’s ever worked with us or helped us on our very interesting journey.


Analysis by Data Analytics- A Way to Predict Your Consumer’s Decision

The role of data sciences has evolved over time. What used to be an after-thought is now a multi-billion dollar industry that can make and break businesses. With the proliferation of wearable and the impending chip boom in Internet of Things (IoT), data sciences presents a cutting edge proposition for businesses to understand competition and consumers alike. Any product you conceptualize, it has to be supported with corresponding data. It is the very fabric of businesses now. As the common adage goes, a prototype is worth a thousand meetings and you cannot have the perfect prototype without the backing of data. If a digital company is not interpreting and reading data, it has a weak shelf life and it is probably going to disappear in months, if not years.

Data sciences can cut edges, no matter which sector a company is in, lead the charge in innovation and transform companies. The cornerstone of any technology business is built on data. Companies cannot live in isolation on the power of data. One has to embrace the efficacy of predictive analytics that can gauge sentiments and build brands. The ad technology and consumer internet companies were early adopters of data sciences. Without analytics, these companies could not compete in scale and understand demand. Telecom is also a big player and it is quickly digitizing their data. The compelling advantages of data is now being realized by all sectors especially Banking, Financial services and Insurance sector. Big data does not offer solutions; it poses problems and hypothesis for business. It is only through the science of data, namely, analytics, does one truly offer business decisions to management that can result in ROI. In India, the market for structuring data and deriving meaning from it is weak, however that is changing with the explosion of software-defined businesses.

With the government’s impetus in digital India initiatives, data sciences can help set up cloud-based education systems. The primary advantage of a cloud-based education system is that it can bridge the urban-rural divide. It can also tackle the paucity of teachers irrespective of geographical barriers. In the data sciences field, there is no formal course for a candidate to equip himself with advanced technologies. According to IDC, the big data and analytics market will reach $125 billion worldwide in 2015. However, yet there is no formal course that prepares candidates to tackle such problems. We look for engineers and statisticians who can read data, but there is a gaping hole with respect to the quality of education for this field. Most companies have their own labs to train and prepare candidates on the job, but imagine if candidates can already have a prerequisite set of skills at the basic level. The education sector has a huge role to play in enabling candidates to innovate and think out of the box for a niche field like data sciences.

The entire business runs on data. Any discussions start with proven records and samples. Any product that we conceive or how we approach ad inventory, margins, runs on data. By collecting data, a deep profile of a user builds and understands. This allows advertisers to reach the right kind of audience and assure consistent ROIs. The bedrock of this entire paradigm runs on data sciences and our ability to assure increased revenues for a customer.
In the past decade information Technology has grown in size and numbers. India is moving into an era where we are building software in India. As we see companies building technology based solutions for a range of verticals, the need for data scientists is going to increase. It is going to be one of the hottest jobs for the next decade or more. More exposure to course content in machine learning is needed. A unique blend of statistics and engineering skills would help candidates to explore untapped potential. We are going to see more entrepreneurs in India and with that growth, we will see more data scientists jostling and competing at the highest levels. With Sharpen your creative energies, learn to love numbers, read voraciously, with these three ingredients, students’ stand a good chance to compete.

Data analytics is all about interpretation and some of the most obscure numbers can give you the most fascinating insights into problems, helps to predict a consumer’s decision-making power. One has to go beyond the call of duty to learn from multiple fields, with the necessary perseverance, students can crack the biggest problems at the highest levels adding to our talent prowess.

Welcome to Vizury Central!

We are pleased to announce the launch of “Vizury Central” – a unified interface for our clients and media partners to manage all aspects of their relationship with Vizury.

Vizury Central aims to provide a world class experience to clients and media partners through superior analytics, real-time campaign management, automated invoicing and payments, and a lot of personalization features. This platform is a starting point to provide advertisers a comprehensive picture of their customers’ lifetime value.


Clients and media partners can now experience a dashboard interface for all data driven decisions. The dashboard view provides a dual view – a quick summary of all campaign performance metrics and a detailed trend of each performance metric. A date range selector below the graph provides for easy navigation for analyzing the trend.

(Click the image to see it in full-size)


We will continue to invest in Vizury Central, focusing on rich visualization, streamlined campaign management and newer metrics .

Here’s a peek into the features that would be released soon:

  • Drill down and filtering options for each metric.
  • Campaign management screens.
  • Language localization
  • … and a lot more.

Clients and media partners can log in to Vizury Central using their existing credentials. If you have any further queries, please feel free to reach out to your account manager or drop an email to

Facebook Retargeting – 5 Things you just can’t miss! [PM Video Series 03]


Have you wished that your social media efforts could get you more than just “Likes”? Can your Facebook campaign spike up your website sales? With more than 75% of the world on Facebook, its power to help businesses grow is unimaginable.

Ever since Facebook Ads was launched in 2007, it has been on every brand’s wish list but remains an enigma. Being one of the first Facebook Marketing Partners in Asia, we have had a chance to explore, experiment and evolve retargeting strategies that have shown tremendous results for brands. Facebook Retargeting really WORKS!

And, here are 5 things you just can’t afford to miss in your Facebook Retargeting Campaign.

Segmenting of the Users:

  • Find common behaviour traits like repeat visits, products visited, time spent, etc. and segment the users showing common behaviour
  • Use different messaging across segments and align it with the behaviour.
  • Use different frequency caps for each segment

Make use of Facebook’s own data which is unique.

It captures interest and likes of people and makes you choose a more relevant audience for your campaign:

  • Add social context in terms of friends who like your page
  • Overlay your retargeting campaigns with more granular data like demographic, interest signals

Dynamic Creative Optimization- Personalise your ads for every user, in real-time.

  • Customise your messages, Keep the text short and simple
  • Use Images of the highest quality
  • Don’t forget to include call to Action for News Feed ads
  • Do Frequent Banner Refresh
  • And lastly, Use A/B testing

Have Customized Landing Pages for people who click on your ads:

  • Of course, It should be relevant to the ad, like product page for product ad, form filling page for lead generation and so on.
  • And A/B test with conversion rates to see what works best

Finally, the one thing marketers worry about when it comes to Facebook Marketing. Performance Measurement:

  • Measure performance, not in isolation, but with all channels. This is one common mistake marketers make.
  • Use standard tools like GA, Omniture for website and Apsalar like tools for Apps
  • Make a note of the reach, frequency and CPA- gives you a picture of how effective the campaign was.
  • For cross-device reporting, rely on Facebook reports

Facebook retargeting is not rocket science! It is built around people, and so is your business. Then why not your marketing? Think about it.