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You must have read our Article on In-App Retargeting that describes how Retargeting through your mobile apps can help you drive sales and boost your ROI. Vizury has always focused on driving more clicks and sales volumes for our clients and hence we realized that Mobile Web Inventory Retargeting alone could not complete your mobile marketing strategy. Most mobile users switch between mobile web and apps in the blink of an eye and it is essential to reach out to users as they swapped between the two channels on their mobile device.

cross channel mobile retargeting

The mobile marketing eco-system is fragmented between web and app at a single user level and hence the need to reach out to users through both the channels is essential. After the first release of Vizury MobiConvert (which covered only Mobile Retargeting), we realized that Cross-Channel Retargeting is the next big step that can drive significantly higher volumes for our clients through their mobile assets. But the major issue for Web to App Retargeting is that In-App Advertisement ecosystem operates on device ID recognition mechanisms (Android Advertising Id for Android and IDFA for iOS) while Web Retargeting works with third party cookies. Our challenge was to build a user identification mechanism which is not dependent on cookies and by which we are able to identify a user across web and apps – all this while still complying with user privacy norms.

Safeguarding user privacy has always been one of our priorities during this product development. Vizury MobiConvert can effectively identify users across mobile web and apps without utilizing any user data that is PII. Vizury has integrations built to all major inventory partners in mobile web and mobile app and hence we are able to mine this user behavior data across mobile web and mobile app to identify a unique user across the two channels.

Currently Mobile Web to Mobile App Cross-Channel Retargeting with MobiConvert is in its beta phase and is able to identify users across mobile web and apps with an accuracy of more than 80%. MobiConvert’s Cross-Channel Retargeting is available in Japan and India and our clients have recorded up to 20% boost in their mobile web clicks/sales volumes. We will soon launch Mobile Web to Mobile App Cross-Channel Retargeting in all other markets as well.

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Contributors: Shiju Mathew, Rahul Aggarwal, Akshatha Kamath, Harsh Vardhan

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