Make every ‘push’ count with Rich Media Push Notifications

When you think of push notifications, what immediately springs to mind is a generic, abstract message about a special sale or something similar, devoid of any value specific to each person receiving it. How many of us even read them, right? Although this is how Push notifications started out, brands have since gone big on data accumulation and analysis in order to introduce a personal touch to each message they send out to the user.
While Push notifications in android has been coming through very well with highest level of personalisation with images, rich media push are the latest must-have (with iOS 10 launching soon), in the race to hone the most effective communication channel between brands and users for iOS Push notifications.

Push Notification Best Practices

  1. A non personalized, badly timed push notifications seems like a half hearted attempt to engage your users and tell them something you think they would want to hear. Paying special attention to the content and timing of execution, in other words strategic optimization, yields better results in terms of convincing your customer to go ahead and take a look at what’s on offer rather than swiping the notification away.Personalization of various levels, including complete data crunching is the first step. Accounting for time zones and other preferences before sending out the push notification is the next. It’s almost like a carefully constructed CV: craft the perfect message and you’re in. Now how do you perfect it further? Rich media push is the answer.iOS-10-The-E-Commerce-Marketers-Guide-to-Push-Notification-900x500.jpg
  2. It’s not just your text that needs to be short and succinct. Push notifications that talk about a sale or a particular product and then take the user to the app’s home page or somewhere equally unrelated is a source of constant annoyance. That is the opposite of making life easy for your users.
    With rich media pushes, you can deep link precise links corresponding to the images or the content your push contains, reducing the steps to user conversion and thereby boosting conversion rates by as much as 3 times normal push notifications.
    All this is just scratching the surface. Come this way to check out our handy guide on how rich media pushes can give your notifications a new degree of perfection.

When to send Push Notifications?

Users do not voluntarily open their phones to read your push notifications, least of all if it is full of random text. They’re either going to be really distracted to read it completely, or simply eager to get rid of the message.
If you’re still going to send them one about a product you think they might be interested in, a related image has a much greater chance of piquing their attention rather than a description. Rich media lets you send push notifications with images or maps (basically any form of rich media content) in a bid to make it more appealing to the user at first glance.
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