Key Take-aways from ad:tech 2015 for an APAC Marketer

Going with an APAC-first approach, we understand what it takes to be a marketer in this geography. Drastically different in cultures, marketing only gets more complex here. Here are some key take-aways from ad:tech (Delhi) for every APAC marketer out there.

India Japan and China are the three big giants here and show significant differences in technology and marketing expertise.

Japan: Closed market, dominated by large agency players and large publishers, ad serving is still considered a cost that is unnecessary.

China: Publisher dominated market, less advanced when compared to counterparts but is catching up quick.

India: Mobile first market. Native ads, video on mobile and cross devices are becoming huge.

Australia: small population but mature market for marketing and media, video marketing is huge and tech vendors are extremely advanced.

Others: 50% of impressions of ads are from mobile. US, which is considered a mature market is only 43%.

So how do you tackle this diversity? No matter now different a market is, some of the underlying factors remain constant. Building a strong marketing strategy around these commonalities is the key to the APAC puzzle – of course minor tweaks and localisations are not to be forgotten.

  • Irrespective of the country, mobile is going to disrupt the way digital works and marketers have to be smart about that experience. Traditional marketing is just not enough. Marketing is no longer about finding users (from your target pool) and definitely not about ROI. It is about finding ways to engage with them across devices and channels.
  • Using data to drive consumer experience is a journey. Some brands are so acquisition focused that they fail to see what else they can do to complement user experience. With the internet of “Everything” and devices everywhere, it is more important to look at what are your customers doing and why they are doing so. It is now critical for brands to think about how else can they interact and engage beyond transaction or a sale. Plan for and start thinking about building customer experiences.
  • Your marketing must deliver results too! Measuring things that matter is equally important. The predictive things come from what’s happening today and to a large degree attribution modelling is the holy grail of everything. One of the challenges for marketers today is what to measure. There is a lot of raw data and beyond a certain point, you are stuck because of analysis paralysis. Remember: Speed of actionable insights matters. Start planning for the future of cross device. ROI is not about just one channel anymore, think holistically.
  • The smartest of algorithms are to be designed with context in mind. Data has been around for some time now, speed and accessibility sure has increased, but actionable data is the key.

The think:tech session at ad:tech Delhi had a lot to offer and the pointers above are just the essence. Hear it all from the experts themselves, video coming soon!

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