Is your App a leaky bucket? Plug the leaks – Predict Uninstalls

If a user does not return to your App within the first 7 days of an install, chances are she never will!


These are formidable yet true stats. App uninstalls is the biggest problem that App marketers are battling today. Driving installs is not good enough if you have a leaky bucket in terms of user retention. You put in 100 new users into the bucket, but keep losing 40 of them everyday. The impact amplifies when you ramp down your install campaigns & still keep losing some users incurring a net negative on the users added to your App.


Predict & Prevent App Uninstalls.
1. Track users who have uninstalled your App. Gather behavioral attributes and determine specific trends that many of the uninstalled users have shown. It could be drop in activity, number of inactive days before uninstall, device-based and so on. This analysis will help you find other existing users with similar behavioral patterns.
2. Run retention campaigns to re-engage such users and prevent uninstalls. Make custom offers, remind them about pending purchases or tell them how much they are missed with 1-1 personalized Push notifications.
3. If they are unreachable on Push, use other channels like email, display or social to connect with them.
Get the power of  Machine Learning and bring down uninstalls by 60%.


Try Vizury Engage Commerce – a mobile marketing platform that Predicts App Uninstalls with a 83% accuracy rate and also allows you to target users who are likely to uninstall your app across Push notifications, Email, Facebook & Display channels – all of this in real-time.


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