Vizury Engage launches Web Push Notification for BFSI

With the surge in digital content consumption and the time users spend on the internet in the BFSI industry, marketers are constantly on the lookout for new channels to engage with their users. Consumers come in touch with a brand at several digital touchpoints and they have grown to expect a consistent experience across.

Retargeting on display and social media has been the most prominent mode of reaching out to users who have dropped off from a brand’s website. Web push notification, as an off-the-site channel is the perfect addition which completes the engagement cycle.

What is Web Push Notification?

A new channel for user engagement that brings the ‘push notification’ capability of mobile phones to web browsers. This feature is powerful in a way that it enables the rare combination of the reach of web browsers with the effective engagement capability of push notifications.

Why Vizury Web Push?

A typical banking customer visits the bank’s website not more than twice a month. 95% of insurance customers don’t visit the insurance brand’s website more than once a month. The effectiveness of your website as a channel to engage these users is severely impeded.

These users are more often than not retargeted on display and social media which are paid channels.

Web Push Notification allows you to reach out to your users outside of your website without denting your marketing budget.

It is most powerful when used in sync with other channels conveying a consistent personalized message to the user.

Web push on Engage Finance – key features

  • Segmentation

Users can be segmented into existing customers, new prospects and first time visitors based on several parameters. Target audience for the push notification can be decided at the segmenting phase itself.

  • Personalization

The push notification can be personalized at a 1:1 user level with dynamic placeholders and user level personalized messaging. With Engage Finance, you can ingest offline data on top of your online behavioral data to enrich personalization.


Benefits to Marketers

  • Easy integration and usability

Engage Finance can easily be integrated into your existing marketing system and an intuitive UI makes for extremely user friendly navigation

  • Part of omnichannel growth marketing stack

With Engage, you get to execute WPN along with a host of other channels – site personalization, site notifications, email, display and social

  • Consistent and personalized messaging at a user level along with other channels boosts user engagement and grow digital conversions

Click here for a demo of Web Push Notification on the Engage Finance platform.

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