If only.

A hot girl walks into a bar. She appears to be smart and independent. Your eyes meet. She smiles at you. Your heart skips a beat. It feels like the two of you were just meant to be and that after all – there could be a happily ever after. You’d treat her like a queen but she doesn’t know it yet. There are a dozen other guys at the bar trying to woo her.  You know it’s now or never. The manager is watching you and walks up to you. He has her business card and is willing to trade contact information for Benjamin Franklins. Money doesn’t matter. You empty your purse for her coordinates. You text her, Whatsapp her, Send her a Facebook request, invite her on Hangouts, even LinkedIn…break a glass to get her attention.

You walk up to her and tell her that Irish joke. It turns out her mother is Irish. She is pissed off. She leaves with another guy. You are heart broken. And broke. Quite broke.

If only you knew she was Irish. If only you knew she loved dogs. If only you knew…she responds to emails.

It was only a dream, but…

The alarm bell rings. You wake up. You are glad it was only a nightmare. An hour later you are at the office of You are an App marketer. You try and reach out to your customers over Push notifications, In App Ads, Emails, SMS…yaaawn. You blow up someone else’s dough. Piss off some of your customers…a lot of your customers.

If only you knew which ads your customers would respond to. You could save so much for the business. If only you could tell them what they cared about, every time. You would not piss off so many app users. They wouldn’t leave. Your boss would be thrilled. You could get a promotion and a raise. You stop day dreaming. You call it a day.

The happy ending

You go to the bar. That lovely lady from your dream walks in. She is with a man. You are sad. You browse through your inbox. You have no unread emails. You want to distract yourself. You check your trash folder. You find an unread email from Vizury. It’s something about Engage App, a multichannel mobile marketing platform, which enables an App marketer to send out 1-1 personalized messages to App users at a channel of their preference. Wait…OMG… You deleted this? You read the case study. Your mind starts racing. There is a tap on your shoulder. It’s that lady. The guy is her wing man. She thinks you are cute. You smile.


About the author

Nishant is a marketer at Vizury Interactive, where he helps ecommerce business owners to increase revenue. Vizury helps ecommerce companies to increase sales with new channels like web push notifications.'

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