How Mobile Marketers Can Combat App Churn

Android apps, lose more than 95% of users within the first 90 days and it’s no different with iOS apps. How can marketers improve engagement on mobile apps and go about growing revenue streams? Here’s a blog by our Shiju Mathew, originally published on MarTech Advisor.

Start by finding out why users uninstall your app within the first 30 days. Real estate on the phone screen is precious, you can’t blame users if they want to keep apps that are truly useful and engaging. The second reason is user experience — if the user has trouble finding and using relevant features within the app, the effort to engage becomes too high, and the user will ultimately discard the app. Most times, the user would have downloaded an app through an incentivized app install ad, and was never interested in using it in the first place – this could be the third cause for uninstalls. Finally, users tend to get ruffled by incessant, irrelevant push notifications, which also points to a lack of personalized messaging and a solid on-boarding experience.

How can mobile app marketers work to reduce churn and combat uninstalls? For starters, identify the key inflection points in your user on-boarding process. If you’re an e-commerce app, how do you prompt the user to make a first purchase? If you’re a mobile travel app, how do you lure users to book their first trip? It may sound overly simple, but defining the critical first objective will help you create an experience that results in a successful engagement thereby increasing the likelihood of continued use.

But that’s not all. You should also evaluate your sources for the quality installs and work to eliminate poor-performing sources like incentivized app installations. Once you’ve tackled the install and onboard process, the key becomes retention. Make user retention your key growth marketing priority, and focus on improving retention rates. A proven approach is to define one-on-one personalized messaging opportunities, but at scale. This will enable you to efficiently engage large numbers of users more deeply, and improve the overall user experience.

The final stage for intervention is in the user’s app uninstall behavior. By leveraging predictive analytics and machine learning, you can formulate trends and patterns in user uninstallation behavior, and spot opportunities to stop this from happening again. If you’re able to proactively address the issues that cause users to delete your app, you’ll be able to dramatically improve your retention rates.

The most important thing is to ensure that you have all of the necessary data, at a granular level, to inform your approach. And then utilize this data to enhance and personalize the experience for your users. This will empower you to develop an app that is not only engaging, but essential to your user, allowing you to secure a coveted position on the exclusive home screen.


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