How Many “Real Internet Users” in India? 60mn maybe?

Here’s Deepak Abbot’s recent article originally published at GrowthBug.

I recently had a very interesting session with some Internet Industry leaders at India meet — we discussed at length the REAL INDIAN INTERNET NUMBERS. Many reports points at 350mn+ Internet users in India which may be slightly misleading as majority of those users are unlikely to add any value to your digital businesses yet.

Here are 2 slides from the presentation I made there:



I have used the term “Meaningfully Connected” above which I define as:

  • Stable 3G Connection
  • 1GB of usage every month
  • Access Internet everyday
  • Spends money online

Facebook has 60mn DAUs in India and a decent % comes from 2G/SMS which I would still not reckon as meaningfully connected.

Here is the full deck which I presented there:

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