How to use push notifications for content apps

Rich media push notifications are a supercharged version of your classic pushes, with the added flexibility of engaging the user with rich content and embedding deep links to these very pages. By plugging in landing pages and making them accessible at a click, the number of steps the user has to navigate to get to the desired conversion is drastically reduced.

In other words, it’s the logical choice for apps that look to serve constant entertainment to their users, such as those that let you stream videos or catch up on breaking news. Here’s why,

  • Increase CTR with attention grabbing pushes

Dynamic pushes combine aesthetics with efficiency, consisting of crisp content and eye-catching imagery. Its flamboyance ensures that it’s more noticeable than the average push notification, and is likely to buy you the extra few seconds you need to engage the user with some smashing content abd thereby boost click through rates

Click through rates are traditionally 250% higher for pushes with dynamic content than static ones (0.44% as opposed to 0.12%), and it has everything to do with the relatively conspicuous nature of these notifications.


  • Boost user interaction with personalized and relevant recommendations

Tailor push feed at user level to suit their content and timing preferences instead of bombarding them with every update. A video streaming app, for example, can send periodic updates to users based on the TV shows they’ve shown interest in as opposed to pinging them whenever a new one is available to stream. By streamlining your pushes, you can boost engagement rates as much as 3x the normal rate.

Rich pushes record an average engagement rate of 16.8%, nearly 7 times the static push rates of 2.4%.

Push notifications

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  • Reduce drop off rates with shorter navigation

Plug in the desired url to a dynamic push, enabling your user to live video or event pages as soon as you’ve got their attention. Drastically reduce and prevent user drop off by emphasizing on quicker and shorter task completion.

  • Re-engage with inactive users

Given that most content apps sees people signing up with their facebook accounts, rich media pushes are also a great way to let the users tune into what their social groups are watching, by sending you timely relevant pushes on popular videos and events.

Fashion extremely precise pushes based on this data, and send well timed dynamic notifications that will alert them to what their friends are interested in, and draw them back to the app.

The proof is in the pudding

When we turned to rich media push notifications for one of our clients, a popular video streaming app, the results were really impressive. Although they had a healthy download rate, 60% of the users were uninstalling the app within 3 days of install. When users were sent personalized video recommendations with a relevant image and a link taking them directly to the video stream, however, the response was almost instant. The engagement rate grew roughly three times, both for active as well inactive users.




No wonder, then, that timeless areas of debate that rely on providing constant sound bites and updates to followers dominate when it comes to successful implementation of rich media display targeting. This includes sports, entertainment, fashion and politics, which lead the way when it comes to engaging and retaining users through constant use of rich media.

Have a content app? Read more about how you can speak better with your users through dynamic pushes.

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