How BIG is your data?

The dynamics of marketing are changing so swiftly, marketers are overwhelmed with the tools and channels that allow them to connect with thier customers. The biggest challenge for any marketer lies in understanding thier customers and delighting them every time they connect and across any channel that they choose to transact with the brand. This is where data has grown BIG and influences startegies and business decisions today.

Chetan Kulkarni our CEO talks about the changing marketing landscape and the new challenges that marketers must face in this realy cool blog that was published on CIO Review this month – Big Data, Small Data, Good Data, Bad Data, never mind! Read on to get soaked in data-driven marketing.

About the author

Nishant is a marketer at Vizury Interactive, where he helps ecommerce business owners to increase revenue. Vizury helps ecommerce companies to increase sales with new channels like web push notifications.'

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