Facebook : The untapped gold mine of digital marketing?

With a population of 1.8 billion and growing, Facebook has gradually evolved into a major channel for marketers to interact with customers, both existing and potential ones. It’s no surprise that the top brands are already on board the bandwagon, investing time and money into coming up with social media strategies that align closely and fit in seamlessly within their overall marketing campaigns.

Here are some relevant numbers to back this claim up.

  • With 1.79 billion active users, Facebook’s population has gone up nearly 16% from last year.
  • The numbers are truly staggering, with a recorded daily active login of 1.18 billion different people on the social media site.
  • 1.66 billion people use the Facebook app on their mobile phones, making social media, and particularly Facebook, retargeting a strategy that marketers just cannot afford to gloss over

These are just the broad statistics, and more filtering and categorization is required to gain finer insight into the activity of billions of Facebook users that brands are looking to appeal to. In an age that has seen the advent of digital profiles and personas on an unprecedented level, it is no surprise that the best marketers are picking up the trails to map a detailed segmentation strategy that groups users neatly based on their browsing behavior, including purchases, interests and general traits.

Data and statistics, in general, comprise of a huge bucket of random numbers, and there’s no way they’re going to make sense unless they’re carefully sorted into comparable piles. This practice lends clarity and context to an otherwise assorted set of numbers.



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We at Vizury are in the midst of putting together a comprehensive report that will talk about the key things marketers need to keep in mind to stay ahead of the pack, so keep an eye out for that one. Here’s a glimpse at some of the key areas the report will talk about,

Display and remarket : Widen the net

In many ways, Facebook is a double barrelled gun when it comes to user retargeting. Not only is it a great place to mine useful data owing to its enormous user base, it is also a great medium to serve ads based on the aforementioned data, combined with useful information collected from your own eCommerce website, to retarget your website drop offs and remarket your products.

While data collected from your website may be limited in terms of relative product preferences etc, tracking the same user on Facebook widens the net in terms of his/her absolute likes, traits and preferences.

These parameters may range from hours spent online to something as straightforward as likes and shares, each one being a vital cog in building a complete custom profile. This helps prioritize users who are most likely to react to your ad, as well as identify others with similar characteristics.

User Personas

This key to building custom audiences is using these parameters map out accurate user personas, aiding you when it comes to personalizing the user’s shopping experience on your website. An ideal ad will come complete with a crisp and concise message, and a relevant CTA button that’s placed in a strategically noticeable way on the page. Deep linked images are a must to make sure the ad charts out a quick workflow when the user clicks on it.

In addition to this, it is necessary to determine the timing and placement of the final ad, making sure it resonates with the user and integrates seamlessly into his routine browsing activity.

Placing relevant ads in an integrated leisure browsing news feed not only makes the user experience pleasant and non intrusive, but maximizes the chances of the user acting on the intended CTA, the ultimate goal of any marketing campaign.

Watch out for Vizury’s complete report on ‘Facebook Retargeting‘ which will talk about all these in greater detail .

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