[Video Blog] Engage Commerce ‘How To’ Series: User Segmentation

This is the first in a series of ‘How To’ videos on using Engage Commerce  – the Mobile Marketing Platform that helps you personalize app marketing across channels.
User segmentation is a critical piece of the personalization puzzle. To get personalization right, you need to get your segmentation right. With Engage Commerce, the mobile marketing automation platform, segmentation can be done in 2 ways just by the click of a few buttons,

  1. Custom segmentation
  2. Category drop-off

Custom segmentation – create custom segments based on a number of existing rules. Example: Users who have visited the product page in the last 30 days

Category drop-off – create segments based on in-app events. Example: Users have dropped off from the cart in the last 7 days

Here’s the video:


Watch out for the next video that talks about sending user level personalized push notifications with the Engage Commerce platform.


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