Ecommerce Website Conversion Tips for Fashion Brands – II

This is the second of a three blog series where we comb the internet to bring you some of the best conversion tips from industry experts. If you happened to turn up here first, you might want to start with Part 1.

All caught up on Tips 1 and 2? Alright then, let’s dive into this one.

Tip3 – Product Search Optimization

The fundamental trick is to prioritize a great content copy for your product. Online fashion stores tend to skip this part way too often. Unfortunately, the complete lack of a text description of the product virtually puts an end to the chances of the page being in the top 10 of a search engine query, even in the case of low-frequency queries. So be sure to add a description to the item card; do not kill your page’s chances.

For example these stilettos are nothing more than Stilettos. There is no way that search engines will read that image and rank it.

conversion tips stiletos.png


Here is a quick 7 step process to write a great content copy:

Define Your Buyer Persona

When you write a product description with a huge crowd of buyers in mind, your descriptions become wishy-washy and you end up addressing no one at all.

The best product descriptions address your ideal buyers directly and personally. You ask and answer questions as if you’re having a conversation with them. You choose the words your ideal buyers use. You address them as ‘You’.

Create a Comprehensive List of Features and Benefits

Try to answer questions like: How does your product make your customers feel happier, healthier, or more productive? What particular problems, glitches, and hassle does your product help solve?

Define Your Tone of Voice

Do you want to sound like a boring big corporation? Or do you want to engage readers with personality and a dash of humor?

Your tone of voice can set you apart from your competitors; it gives readers a strong impression of your organization’s culture and personality.

Look at this example from  FURRY FEET on think geek

furry feet.png

Create a Scannable Format

Write your copy for scanning, not for reading. A report by Nielsen Norman Group states that only 16 percent of your audience peruse or read something word-by-word while the remaining 84% prefer to scan your content copy.

Write a First Draft

Now you know your customer persona. Write your first draft for these guys. It is easier to write once you know who they are.

Keep your content crisp and avoid any form of rhetoric. A great idea would be to stick to talking about the value and benefit of the product to the target demographic.

Make your text more readable, engaging, and persuasive

Remember to make sure that you include everything that may matter to a customer

  • Use simple and easy english. Don’t let your customers run through the dictionary to understand it .
  • Be specific.  Specificity adds credibility to your brand.

Optimize Your Copy for Search Engines

If you are using buyer’s persona then it means you are already optimizing for SEO. But to be more precise, optimize it it for headings and subheadings as well.

(Optimize product image (here) using Text, Alt tags, Long descriptions, File name, File size, EXIF data, Rich snippets, Anchor text, Content, GEO locations, Conclusion etc)


Tip4 – Product Videos

There is no specific way to make a right product video. The entire ideology of making one can change from one product to another.

But in case you are looking for certain thumb rules, here you go,

  • Tell a story : People love stories
  • Keep it short : 30 seconds is enough time to convince your customer
  • They are human : This means your motive is to build a connection between customer and product

You must be wondering why videos are so important for your ecommerce business. Do go through these links to understand

Here are some of the best product videos for you,

Dollar Shave club

You may want to throw on those headphones before watching Dollar Shave’s first video. They’re not exactly shy to throw the the F-bombs or referring to “your handsome-ass grandfather,”

According to ananswer on quora;Michael Dubin, the CEO of Dollar Shave Club, studied improve with the Upright Citizens Brigade. He wrote the spot himself and hired a comedian/director friend by the name of Lucia Aniello to produce the video. She’s a comedian who has done some funny videos for Upright Citizens. Total cost: $4500. Amazing.


Sweaty Betty

Activewear brand Sweaty Betty is a good example of how videos can be incorporated on fashion websites. All product pages with clothing items have catwalk product videos, which makes shopping for activewear online that much easier since visitors can observe how fabric folds during movement and how garment sits on a live model.


The Body Shop

the body shop.png

The Body Shop is a prime example of how to make the most out of the content. The company features product videos on most of the pages of its best selling products.

Videos are embedded directly from the brand’s YouTube channel, which is a clever strategy to make use of the existing content and to amplify video views. At the end of the video, viewers can see a preview of the next video from the brand’s YouTube library, which prompts them to engage longer with the content.




ASOS includes videos on all its product pages which allows customers to get a much better view of the clothing before they make a purchase.

Admittedly having a model posing in a pair of jeans isn’t particularly creative but it’s still worth flagging up as a way of using online video to increase sales.

Onzie Men:

Onzie Men have proved that music really is the key to a good video.

Want more? Ask and you shall receive. Here are a couple of good ones from Nine Line and Training Mask.

So there you go, more solid tips to grow your fashion e-commerce sales. We’ve got more to come in the final installment so watch this space. Meanwhile, you can leave your thoughts below or write to us at


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