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The age of display advertising and one to one marketing is over because Digital Marketing has taken over the world and along with it came a methodology of disruption and customer engagement.


Advertisements and promotional campaigns are no longer “one-size-fits-all”.


Customer engagement is a two way road. The more you take interest in your customers, the more pleasurable their shopping experience gets on your website. After a user shows interest in your brand/product, it is up to you to convert that user into a customer.


Conventional marketing tools like email marketing and SMS are gradually losing out to platforms which have the ability to share timely product updates and personalize and hyper personalize marketing messages. Platforms like web push notifications are revolutionizing marketing campaigns by offering immense prospects for user interaction.


Marketing methodologies do take a long time to sink in and the same is true in this case as well. Currently, marketers in the ecommerce industry have very less knowledge about this channel and that’s exactly what gives them the right time and opportunity to invest in it.


Now push messages are the next new thing in digital marketing and use two different channels for targeting users – app push and web push.


App push, as the name suggests, means push notifications sent to the user through the ecommerce website’s app.


So, certainly the user has to install the app for receiving the message. Otherwise the whole campaign just falls flat on its face.


Like the last piece of a puzzle, web push notifications fit just right in this picture.


For receiving web push messages, users don’t have a limitation of installing the app and browsing on just mobile and tablet.


Web push messages can be sent to the user on all platforms; be it the mobile, the tablet or the desktop and go amazingly low on the cost factor, because there is no cost of app development attached to it.


Vizury has created an Ebook – ‘Web push-What, Why, Which, Where, When and How’ which gives you complete insight into the world of digital marketing through web push notifications.


Topic by topic, this e-book gives you complete knowledge about what web push notifications are, why they are necessary, Ecommerce use cases that every marketer should look at before launching the digital marketing campaign, how to implement web push notifications, comparison of web push with other marketing channels and how to see results within three months.


Packed with stats and use cases in each section, this e-book will give every marketer a wholesome view of how web push messages can be used to skyrocket ecommerce conversions. As the legendary David Ogilvy had once said, if it doesn’t sell, it isn’t creative, this e-book will show you how you can you sell your product way more than others through web push notifications.

Download this Ebook

So, come to Vizury, download this e-book, give it a read and decide for yourself why your business needs Web Push Notifications.


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Kaustuva Bhattacharjee is a Content Marketer at Vizury where he helps marketers understand the world of digital marketing better. Vizury helps ecommerce companies to boost up their sales with new marketing tools like web push notifications.'

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