Do Banks really need Web Push Notification?

Over the past one year or so I’ve met several progressive marketers of Banks, helping them grow their digital share of business.
During these interactions, I’ve noticed that Banks have started using their website as a 1:1 engagement channel for existing customers and nw users. However this kind of personalized engagement outside the website is still evolving. Retargeting on Display and Social is still executed at a segment level.

Two questions that I’ve consistently been asked by Banks are these:

1. How can we engage New-To-Bank website visitors and Existing Customers outside the website at an individual level? 

Programmatic campaigns on display and social are used sporadically, involve media costs and often get questioned on ROI. Email, SMS and ATM are used only for existing customers and primarily use offline data, thus missing key insights from intent shown online.

2. What is an alternative to eCommerce mobile app notifications for Banking?

Currently, a bank’s app is used for utility purposes rather than as a marketing channel. Assuming the banking app was used as a marketing channel, very few users use a banking app anyways.


Web Push Notification (WPN) addresses the above 2 concerns,

  • WPN provides outside-the-website user engagement that brings the ‘push notification’ capability of mobile phones to web browsers
  • It can be used to engage Existing customers, Leads and New-To-Bank prospects
  • It is available for desktop web and mobile web audience
  • Higher engagement (less intrusive) as the user opts in for the web push
  • Open rates are 5X of that of email

How can Banks can make effective use of Web Push to boost engagement?

While pondering on the above question, I came up with two thoughts given below

1. Using Web push holistically to address online and offline behaviour of all 3 types of website visitors  (existing customers, new to bank and leads). The following table provides a framework for Banks to use Web Push holistically.

Framework to use Web Push for Banks - Vizury

2. Use Web Push in conjunction with other channels: Higher CTR of Web push provides an opportunity to capture lots of buying signal. This will lead to the following questions

  • Which cookies clicked on the Web Push Notification  and didn’t submit the lead
  • Which cookies submitted the lead but did finally convert

For both the above scenarios, following is recommended

  • Can we show a personalised ad when the cookie visits website or Facebook
  • Can we send an email/SMS if it is an existing customer

Above will be made possible when Web Push is integrated with your centralised ‘Data and marketing platform’ and if the advanced capability of ‘channel synchronisation is enabled.

Web Push is a new channel that provides an exciting opportunity for banking marketers to engage their audience across desktop and mobile web. Use cases will evolve as adoption increases. It can be a powerful channel when used in sync with Display, Social, Email and SMS to ensure a consistent and personalized experience for the user leading to growth in digital conversions.

I would love to answer any questions that you might have around using Web Push Notifications for your brand. You can reach me at


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