Are Browser Push Notifications a good fit for your business? Ask our E-Commerce ROI calculator

With Black Friday fast approaching, and the predictable madcap rush unfolding on E-commerce websites as people look to kick off their shopping spree in style, we were busy sifting through various forums and talking to a few clients trying to list down a few hassles marketers generally face this time of the year. The verdict was unanimous; In fact, it was a recurring trend and the biggest reason E-commerce sites lose money throughout the year: Website drop offs.


Even a well designed website that marries quick navigation with clever product placement sees potential customers drop off halfway through transactions on a regular basis: that’s just the way of the world and there’s not much you can do about it. What you CAN do, though, is chat up these customers later in a bid to get them to come check out your site again.

But before going on a long winded browser push notification praise fest, we’ll get to the point of the blog. Here’s the E-commerce ROI calculator; check out how much extra revenue you can rake in using browser push notifications.

Browser Push revenue calculator

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Fancy a detailed explanation?

Let’s imagine you run a fictitious E commerce company with a healthy website traffic of 11 million users, a fairly accurate consideration. Now, here’s the breakdown based on the numbers crunched (pertaining to the industry standards) by Vizury’s in-house marketers for this prototype.

1. In general, only 3 to 5 % of visitors to your home page go on to make a purchase. This is where browser push notifications make a real contribution, by reaching out to old as well as potential customers and informing them of extremely personalized offers.

2. With a subscription (opt-in) rate of 25%, that’s nearly 2.8 million of your total visitors who are going to receive useful and relevant browser push notifications from your website. Setting the tolerance threshold of an average user to browser push notifications as 5 per month, that’s 14 million you should be able to send every month without running the slightest risk of annoying your us

ers in the slightest.

3. At a 7% click through rate, this guarantees an extra 1 million visits to your website every month. Now here’s the best part. The typical conversion rate for a marketing channel is about 2-3%, but browser push notifications guarantee double that.i.e a 5% conversion rate. This means that you’re looking at an additional 49,000 orders on the back of these notifications.

4. Setting the approximate price of a single order at anywhere between 60 to 150 dollars (depending on where your store ranks among top E commerce sites), you should be able to rake in an extra 2.34 to 7.35 million dollars.

P.S- Get your own personal report based on the numbers you provided above. Just scroll up, drop your Email ID and wait for a detailed dossier to head your way.


Why Browser Push Notifications

Push notifications, email re targeting and the works have been around for quite a while now, but there’s still a huge chunk of customers you’re not getting through to, people who skim through their emails unless it’s work related, or those that swipe away whatever their app is trying to tell them through some sort of sheer default mechanism. Given the fact that 40% of your potential users are browsing your online store on their browser, be in mobile or desktop, that’s the place where you should be interacting with them chiefly, leaving mail and app as strong follow up means of communication. This is where browser push notifications can come in handy.

Newly introduced and quickly growing in popularity, browser push notifications enable you to hit a potential customer right on his web browser with rich media push notifications, in a bid to personalize his shopping experience for him. These notifications can consist of product images and descriptions similar to the ones the user has previously viewed or bought, deep linked right to the product page in a bid to quicken the purchase loop to make it easier for the customer.

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Are Browser Push Notifications a good fit for your business? Ask our E-Commerce ROI calculator

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