5 Ways a Knowledge Base Can Improve your Ecommerce Business


In the e-commerce domain, there are many factors that bear an impact on the success equation. Enhanced user experience, top-notch customer service, intuitive and simple web design, and customer relationship management are emerging as the key trends in the last few years.

Many of the solutions for the e-commerce business are available in the form of software. There are various software solutions that you can utilize in every aspect of an online store’s operation. A knowledge base is one such handy tool that is capable of improving productivity and curtail the expenses.

But, keep in mind that when we are referring to the knowledge base here. We are talking about one that you can structure perfectly and is rich in valuable content.

So, without further ado, let’s see in which ways a knowledge base can improve an e-commerce business.

Strengthened Customer Support Department

Sooner or later, a knowledge base software will bring some constructive changes in your customer support department. The end results are an improvement in customer support and lowering of expenses.

Better customer support will be a result of customer support agents having extra time to concentrate on the important requests that cannot be resolved by a knowledge base. With fewer clients to handle, agents will work in a less stressful environment. They can thus, provide a better service to the clients.

On top of that, all questions that were not in the knowledge base and were resolved by the agents can be integrated into the existing knowledge base. Remember that a regularly updated and content-rich knowledge base is the number one ticket deflection factor in the e-commerce world.

A knowledge base also helps entrepreneurs in the e-commerce industry to cut down expenses by reducing the workload of the support department. Since you can access the knowledge base all around the clock, a startup does not need to worry about hiring additional manpower, especially when the business starts to grow.

Improved Customer Experience

Effective help desk is a crucial part of any successful e-commerce establishment. A knowledge base enacts the same role as it aims to maintain the happiness quotient of customers. After all, higher customer satisfaction improves the retention rate.

But how does knowledge base achieve this? It helps customers with questions about products or services on a completely different scale. Unlike live chat, phone call or F.A.Q. page, a knowledge base is an interactive helpdesk. It provides a unique and delightful user experience to anyone who is looking for information.

Context-sensitive help is a standard part of knowledge base software. With lightboxes, popups, and tooltips, help content gets a completely new dimension. Information is easily searchable and the learning curve is far less steep when you introduce the customers to new products and services.



Improved Onboarding of Customers and Employees

Fast and smooth onboarding of new customers is an important factor of customer retention rate. In order to achieve it, the customer support team should be able to provide quick and accurate answers to questions about a product or service. Yes, I think you might know the solution – knowledge base. The reason knowledge base shines when addressing the new customers’ onboarding issue is its proactive approach to this sensitive matter.

Instead of waiting for the question to pop and customer agent to address it, you can publish the answers of commonly asked questions in the form of an FAQ. Furthermore, intelligently utilizing the context-sensitive (tooltips, popups, and lightboxes) helps in creating guided tours of your product or service for the new customers.

And when it comes to onboarding of new employees, the knowledge base has proven to be a highly effective and cost-efficient solution. Instead of wasting money and time on exhaustive training programs, new employees can learn quickly from the past experience and knowledge of their peers available at the employee knowledge management.

More Online Store Traffic

When the knowledge base contains well-written and valuable content, it will attract more people. Articles stored in a knowledge base are usually created using specific keywords related to the subject. In many cases, valuable and well-written content in a knowledge base can be found among top search results. Thus, it increases the chance of your prospect to visit the helpdesk. As they find what they were looking for, there are strong chances that they may continue browsing the store and make a purchase.

When you provide valuable help content, visitors will spend more time on your website. Time spent on-page is a factor that Google’s search and ranking algorithms give importance. Hence, it is likely that your online store will rank higher in the search results.


In a world where a higher number of e-commerce purchases are made via mobile devices, it is important to provide mobile-friendly help content. A mobile-friendly helpdesk is another aspect of a knowledge base that enhances the overall user experience. It also ensures a reduction in the number of unsatisfied buyers. All the documentation found in the knowledge base, including images, is accessible on multiple devices, not depending on the OS.

So there you go, five ways in which a knowledge base improves an e-commerce business. As you can see, this one software solution strikes several hot spots at once, improving each one of them.

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