5 Things Every App Marketer Should Know- Learning from Beyond Installs

It was a consortium of the most exciting mobile marketers in the country. It was the perfect launch pad for any new brand venturing into the mobile marketing landscape and a revitalizing experience for brands that are already in the space and looking for new ideas.

If you couldn’t make it, you sure did miss some incisive insights. But fret not, we have tried to compress and consolidate the myriad ideas that were discussed around app user engagement. Getting an install for your app is easy. Retaining users is the difficult part. If you are looking for advice on how to get new installs for your app, look away, we won’t be talking about that.

The first 7 days are key

If the user hasn’t come back to your app in the first 7 days after installing, there’s a good chance he will never come back. So make sure you drive intensive retention campaigns in the first 7 days to retain your users and keep them active which will eventually lead to monetization.

It is all about the user

All your marketing efforts need to focus on your user and not on your product or service. Personalize your marketing messages, make the user feel special and you’ve got yourself a good chance of him buying. The mobile phone is a very personal device and Sushant Jaipuria, the Head of Digital Marketing at Ola issued a stern warning against invading the user’s privacy.

5 Things Every Mobile App Marketer Should Know- Beyond Installs from Vizury

We all know social media is a favorite marketing channel these days. But Rajat Suri, the Yatra Head of Mobile went on to reiterate how well their Facebook engagement campaigns worked in retaining their app users. You could also add users acquired through other channels to your Facebook lists and target them there.

Measure what matters

Do not get carried away with metrics which don’t mean anything to your brand. Numbers such as ‘number of installs’, ‘Facebook likes’, ‘Twitter followers’ are nice to have but at the end of the day you need to ask yourself what they mean to your business. Pravin Jadhav who leads Product & Growth at Freecharge listed down metrics that matter – number of transacting users, current installs, number of transactions resulting without any promotion activities.

Double-counting credit for installs is costing you big money

For every install your app gets, all your partners are going to claim credit since you do not have a solid tracking mechanism to track back the user to.Justin Fibich, the India Country Manager for Apsalar revealed that on an average, it takes 198 clicks for your app to get installed. That is definitely much more than what you thought it was. Implement relevant attribution to track and credit installs to all media, referral and APK app distribution including Facebook campaigns to avoid paying 2 to 3 times for the same transaction or install.

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Watch this space for more from the event – speaker presentations, expert interviews and some fun videos are to come!

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