4 smart ways to create user segments & achieve your marketing goals

The most persuasive marketing is always personal and customers today are accustomed to personalized engagements – this helps them avoid clutter and discover relevant content online. Personalized marketing also means huge demands on your segmentation tool  and you cannot work with traditional segments anymore. To adopt a personalized marketing strategy, the biggest challenge for an Enterprise Marketer is to sort user segmentation.

Here are 4 ways to create user segments that can personalize your brand experience and help you get closer to achieving marketing goals. If you are not able to view the slide share embed below, click here.

With changing business dynamics and ever-changing customer interests, a good mix of standard and custom segments will help you achieve your marketing objectives. If you are evaluating marketing platforms for your brand, remember to choose a platform that

  • Comes with a large set of pre-defined segments that are tailored for your vertical.
  • The platform must also allow you to break away from these pre-set segments for niche targeting.

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