2×2 Marketing Intelligence Matrix


Artificial Intelligence (AI) is currently used in many forms of marketing. We are still in the early stages, but the opportunities are humongous.

If we list-down all the marketing activities and divide them into subgroups, we typically have two types of activities:

1. Channel:

All the activities with respect to marketing like channel activation, caps, etc

2- Non-Channel:

All the activities before and after marketing, which includes segmentation.

Marketers can completely automate each of these activities using AI or without requiring any human involvement.

The image below shows a futuristic “2×2 Marketing Intelligence Matrix” when marketers start using AI for various marketing activities.

Marketing Intelligence

Basic steps for 2×2 Marketing Intelligence Matrix

1.  Improve User Experience

Though the end goal of the marketer is to increase lead or sales, the primary goal is to provide good customer experience.  In a multi-channel marketing world, customers are exposed to different marketing messages across different channels.

Marketers are now in a position to leverage the power of AI for better customer experience. This means marketers can use AI to decide the best channel for each user, the right order of channel, type of messages that they can show, etc.

2. Optimize Campaign Setup

Imagine a situation when a marketer can get recommendations about whom to target on a daily basis or even real-time. The core of all this recommendation is AI. This means AI helps marketers predict right marketing segments. Marketers can then quickly launch more and more campaigns.

3. Increase Reach

The goal of the marketer is to increase conversions, which means that marketer should be able to reach more and more customers. Marketers can achieve this either by adding more marketing channels to existing stack or increase publisher partnership for display-like channels.

4. Normalize Data

The above-mentioned information is only possible if the right data is available for both automated and manual analysis. Marketers have to collect the right data, clean it, dump it and make it available to all the downstream components. AI can help marketers automate some of these activities.

But, initially, this includes lots of ad-hoc activities which only humans can do. Please share your thoughts and also the design of your Marketing Intelligence Matrix.

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