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Vizury offers the complete marketing platform that helps you drive superior results and grow your business. Personalize recommendations, connect on the right channels and eventually increase sales and loyal customers all through a single platform.

Browser Push Notifications

Create mobile-like user experience for your website users. With Vizury’s Browser Push Notification platform send personalized notifications to your website users even when they are not accessing your website.

With customer journey triggers, build engagements based on the user’s stage in the purchase cycle. No more waiting for emails to be opened or for user’s to access third party websites. Send messages from your website directly to the user’s browser for instant connection. And the best part – this channel comes with no ad spends attached.

Rich Media Push Notifications

Engage and retain your mobile app users like never before. Send well-timed and relevant Push Notifications to make sure that you are never out of touch with your mobile audience. With tailored Rich Media Push Notifications bring back your iOS, Android users and grow in-app sales.

Recommend last-seen products or show multiple products – Rich Media Push Notifications allow you to create highly personalized and rich user experience for your app users. Grow user engagement by 3X and increase your ROI; start sending Rich Media Push Notifications now.


Understand your users across desktop and mobile. Use behavior-based intent to personalize display ads across third party websites, apps and Facebook. With purchase-intent scores tweaked in real-time, Vizury’s Retargeting platform optimizes your bid value for every single impression and helps you grow your marketing effectiveness.

Don’t let your website,app drop-offs slip away. With Vizury’s Retargeting, influence their journey and bring them back into the purchase cycle.

Web Personalisation

In an increasingly connected world, users are beginning to expect a relevant experience across all your touch-points and this must begin with your website. Use online behavior to tailor your website banners for every user that lands on your website.

Bucket new users into look-alike segments and with relevant recommendations aid product discovery on your website. For existing users show custom messages and offers and keep them coming back to your website.

Yield Optimisation

Find users with the right propensity to complete bookings and hook them with limited period offers and discounts. Use 8 different marketing channels from Vizury’s platform to connect with your users across the digital space.

Do away with mass discounts. With deep-linked ads, make sure that only relevant users can avail special discounts. Execute data-backed user engagement strategies that help you create a seamless user experience across touch points.

Uninstall Prevention

Fight you biggest app marketing challenge and grow your mobile ROI. Use Vizury’s Uninstall Prevention platform to predict users that are likely to uninstall your app. With 83% accuracy in predictions, our platform also allows you to run aggressive retention campaigns for these users.

Send timely alerts, customize offers and execute a cross-channel engagement strategy to grow user retention on mobile apps.

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