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Here’s a breakdown of how a typical website with 1 million unique visitors can register
additional orders of upto 2400 per month with Vizury’s web push notifications

Web push notifications conversion funnel

Web Push Notifications – eBook

Everything an eCommerce marketer needs to know about web push notifications in one place.

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Web push notifications ebook for ecommerce

Why Vizury

Enterprise-Grade web push notifications

Dynamic Product Creatives

Take user engagement to the next level through ad personalization by showcasing products that are tailored to each individuals browsing behavior.

Easy Set Up

The installation is just a piece of cake and takes only 5 to 10 minutes. It’s a one-step process which involves only placing the code on the website.

Delivery Push Notifications

Customize your messages however you want with our API. This feature enables you to customize the messages yourself when there’s none left in the stock.

User engagement is what earns the buck in the world of digital media and Vizury’s BPN platform offers you the best possible way to do that. Each and every personalised message has been worked up till conversions were really proven.
You don’t wanna arrange a party and then call everyone after it’s Over..Then why do that with your customers? Vizury’s BPN platform notifies the marketer each time an event takes place and asks them to alert the users.
Hyper-customize the opt-in message on a 1:1 basis and send it on any page in the website.It keeps tracking the page which has highest click-through rate and then optimizes it accordingly.
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Introducing Collage Push
Multiple Products in a Single Web Push Notification

Collage Push is a visually appealing and scalable format to send recently-viewed products, product recommendations, cross-selling products & more.

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Get complete and unlimited access to all the features as we keep adding them, without having to pick plans or cough up more dough

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Kraftly Case Study

2X better engagement when compared to static Push Notifications with 22% click through rate and 7% conversion rate.

Kraftly case study

Series C funded Company

Backed by Nokia Growth Partner and Intel Capital

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