Personalized Remarketing
Platform to Enhance
Transactions & Engagement

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Leverage The Power Of Integrated Retargeting

Choose the right channel and reach out to multi-screening users with customized messaging across devices to drive conversions

Integrated Retargeting To Connect With Users Across Multiple Touchpoints

  • Owned Media Retargeting

    Web / App Push Notification
  • Social Media Retargeting

    Facebook / Instagram
  • Display & Video Retargeting

    Programmatic Advertising On Exchanges

Display Retargeting And

Multi-Channel Retargeting To Grow ROI

Bring back cart drop-offs or re-engage inactive users and get them back into the purchase cycle with precisely calibrated advertising

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Push Notification CRM Platform

Personalized Push Notification Platform For E-commerce Business

Leverage push notifications to retarget your e-commerce users even when they’ve dropped off your website or app

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Authorized Facebook
Marketing Partners

Leverage Facebook and Instagram to grow conversions

Intellibid - Algorithms For
ROI Driven Marketing

Use personalized retargeting
to grow your ROI


Retarget on
brand-safe inventory

Lifecycle Marketing

Drive action from your
consumers at each stage
of their lifecycle

Customer Aligned Pricing

Pay Per Click ( CPC )
Cost Per Sale ( CPS )
Return On Investment ( ROI )